High heels and stilettos are the popular and sexy style for many women. These women love the super high heels that go with just about any outfit. Unfortunately, along with being in fashion and looking sexy, these high heels come with a price. The costs are health problems, foot problems and falling down.


There have been many jokes about women falling of of their shoes. This is no joke. Every day there are women around the world who have just fallen off their shoes. They were wearing high heels, and probably the higher heels called stilettos. Stilettos can be as high as six or seven inches and can add a lot to a woman’s height by just putting them on.

If the high heels are backless, there is even a greater risk for the heel to slip off of the back and cause a lady to fall down. Once she falls, she could sustain more injuries that are worth much more than the price of the shoes.


For all women who wear their high heels more than lower heels the warning needs to go out about foot and hip pain. Maybe they are already experiencing the pain. They will try to ignore it because looking good is their main priority. However, when the pressure of the whole body descends upon the feet and the hips are misplaced, these heels cause trouble.


A more serious side effect of high heels is that they can cause osteoarthritis. This is more common in women than in men because of the heels. When the high heels are worn almost every day and all day, the woman will probably get a serious case of knee osteoarthritis.


Even if she won’t get osteoarthritis, she will certainly experience knee and back pain. When the body is forced to go forward, it raises the pressure under the kneecap. This extends the pressure of the body on the lower back which causes pain in that location.


After walking around in high heels and forcing herself to withstand the knee, hip and lower back pain, she may also suffer some foot problems. These painful problems include bunions, corns and calluses. With so much pressure being put on the front of the feet, calluses will lead to painful corns.

The feet are put in an unnatural position in these high heels and they have to fight back. These foot problems are also very unattractive so that cancels out the beauty of wearing the stilettos.


Pregnant women should never wear high heels. These heels change the woman’s center of gravity which can cause her to experience even more back pain. She can also fall down a lot easier with these heels and could hurt herself and the baby she is carrying.


The high heels can cause more cramping in the legs. If high heels are worn long enough, they can eventually cause bad posture by putting the spine out of alignment.

It’s still great to look fantastic and feel good about yourself, but wearing high heels needs to be done on a limited basis to maintain good health from head to toe.

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Women today are very much empowered compared to the women of olden times. However, there are still many who still look down on women’s capabilities and potentials. We have heard of many successful women in our society and therefore no longer an issue whether or not they can deliver. Here are some other reasons why we need to empower women.

First, women can already do what men can. Although they are not physically strong but the basic stuff such as leading a team can already be done by a woman. Even in other sports we see women excelling in different disciplines. For example the sport of tennis is dominated by the Williams sisters. Before we don’t have female boxers but now we already have professional female boxers.

Second, they could be potential human resource. In a society mostly lead by men, it is sometimes unfair for women. They are not given many opportunities to lead. The only way to empower them is to give them a chance to lead. We have heard many time where a woman was given a higher position yet she was able to deliver and to lead the group in accomplishing what needs to be done.

There are other reasons to empower women and you can find them in the following resources:

Team Building Games for Women-Only Group
Women in the Today’ Society
World’s Most Powerful Women

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